General Account Help

How do I create an account with Titan University?

From the home page of Titan University Click “Create Account” located at the top right side of your screen, you will then be taken to the Student Registration page.

At minimum, fill in all required fields that have an asterisk * next to them.

Follow the tips we have included on the Student Registration page for password creation. This will help avoid password frustration.

How can I recover my password?

If you cannot remember your password, click “Lost your password” on the Login page. You’ll then be asked to enter either your username or the email address you signed up with. Once done, select Reset Password.

You’ll receive a Password Reset link to the email address you registered with. Click the link and you’ll be taken to a page to reset your password.

How can I change my Username?

Usernames can’t be changed as they are connected to courses you have already taken as well as your certificates.

Where can I get a copy of my receipt?

You can get a copy of your receipt 2 ways.

  1. When you place an order, a receipt is emailed to the email address your account was created with.
  2. On the left side of your account page is an “Orders” button. Click this button to retrieve all of your receipts.

What are my payment options?

For your credit and debit card safety, Titan University offers Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover payments that will be routed, processed, and secured by Stripe. For more information about Stripe, please click here.

Titan University also offers secure payments through PayPal. For more information on PayPal, please click here.

Titan University Policies

Where can I find your list of Policies and Terms?

What does Titan University do with my registration information?

Please review our Privacy Policy.

Course Assistance

Can I stop in the middle of a course or test and and finish later?

Yes you can! Taking courses on your time is very important to Titan University. If you have to step away for any amount of time, you’ll be able to continue your course where you left off.

If you have to leave in the middle of a quiz or test, that’s ok too. Your answers to quiz and test questions are saved as you answer them.

Why isn't my video loading?

We know technical issues are very frustrating! Here are a few solutions you can try:

  1. Check your internet connection. A weak internet connection will sometimes cause the videos to load slowly or slow down. Oftentimes Safety Officers, Quality Control Managers, and Environmental Specialists live in Extended Stay hotels during projects. If this is you, there’s a very good chance it’s your internet connection. Check with the front desk to see if they can help you.
  2. Clear your cache. Just clearing out some data and cookies may fix the issue. A program we’ve heard is helpful in cases like this is CCleaner. They have a free trial of their program.
  3. If neither of the above work, contact us and we’ll work with you to get your video up and running.

If none of these steps solve the problem, you can always submit a request here and we will work together to solve this problem for you!

What type of software is needed to take a course?

The only software requirement to take a course is an updated web browser. Our courses have been tested in Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

How soon can I take a course after I sign up?

You can start the course immediately. There is no time limit to taking the course. Do it on your time.

How do I get another copy of my course certification?

Students logged into their account can find their Course Certificates on the My Account page next to the name of the completed course. The certificate can either be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF file.

I purchased the wrong course, can I switch my course to a different one?

While we can’t switch the course out for you, we do offer refunds. You should see the refund as a credit in approximately 5-10 business days.

How are the courses structured?

Courses are offered through structured topics called modules. Module may contain text, videos, and images of relevant resources, quizzes, and test questions.

Each course concludes with a final test, which students must pass with a grade of 70% or higher to earn their certificate of completion.

Students can login to their courses at any time and can work at their own pace.

Can I make copies of training materials for other employees?

No. All training material included with your online course is intended for your own personal use. Distribution of Titan University course materials to any individuals other than yourself is a direct violation of Titan University’s terms and conditions accepted at the time of registration.

What are the requirements to pass a course?

To receive a certificate of completion, students are required to complete all course activities and achieve a passing score on the final assessment of 70% or higher. This means, 70% of the questions on the final test must be answered correctly.

Once the course is passed, the certificate can be viewed and downloaded from the student’s My Account page.

What materials are included with the course?

Each course includes downloadable resources for you to use and refer to when needed. Our materials are easy to understand and direct. This material is downloadable once you start taking the course from the online course interface.

Who do I contact with a question regarding the course content?

If you have a question about the content in the course you are interested, please email [email protected]

For questions regarding problems experienced during your online training, please email us at [email protected]. Titan University’s support staff answers questions 7 days a week between the hours of 8:00 am -5:00 pm ET.

How are CEUs awarded?

Continuing Education Credits are awarded based on the number of course instructional hours. The number of CEUs awarded for an online course can be found after selecting the training type on any online course description page. The CEU for the course will also be on your certificate.

Can I access my online training using more than one computer?

You can access your online course from anywhere, and on any device as long as you have a good internet connection.

If you do plan on using other computers or devices for your courses, please log out of your training and close all course pages before opening the course elsewhere or on a different device.

If you try to run training on more than one device at the same time, it is very probable your timing will be off and your course score could be affected.

What do I do if my presentation doesn't start?

  1. If you click a lesson and a new window does not appear, a pop-up blocker may be preventing your training from displaying correctly. Please turn off pop-up blockers in your web browser and on any “Toolbars” built into the browser (e.g., Google Toolbar).
  2. If you get a blue screen and you can see the Flash logo in the background of the window, then you probably need to clear your browser’s cache.
  3. If a new window opens but the presentation screen is blank, your employer may be filtering multimedia files with a firewall or corporate security settings.
  4. If you see a grey exclamation point (!) where your training should appear, your web browser may be operating in a “low memory” environment.  Try clearing your browser’s cache to correct this. For help contact [email protected].