Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert (MRSE) Advanced Training

This course is intended to prepare the students to take and pass the MRSE Examination administered through American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS).


The American College of Radiology (ACR) has established a set of standards as they pertain to MR safety in the medical field. The ACR formed a Blue-Ribbon Panel on Magnetic Resonance Safety. This was established due to the increased safety issues arising out of MRI equipment. For medical personnel, MRIs are vastly misunderstood. Medical facilities have been leaning more towards utilizing Magnetic Resonance Safety Officers (MRSOs), Magnetic Resonance Safety Experts (MRSEs) and Magnetic Resonance Medical Directors (MRMDs) to help manage their MRI facilities.

In the Advanced Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert Course, you will learn:

  • MRI Basics and Physics
  • Infection Control
  • Cryogen
  • Handling patients
  • Quenching
  • Maintenance and Inspections
  • Static Magnetic Fields
  • Magnetic Flux
  • Time-Varying Magnetic Fields
  • Time-Varying RF
  • Time-Varying Gradient Field
  • Implanted Devices

Student will benefit from taking this course because:

  • It covers all material that you need to prepare and pass your MRSE exam. Our course was written and developed by a board certified MRSE with over 10 years’ experience in medical safety training.
  • Official and verifiable TITAN University certification can be downloaded immediately after a passing score of 70% or higher showing your advanced knowledge in the MRSE field.
  • Take brakes when you need to and tak the course at your own pace.
  • Have a question, just ask us on the Contact Us page and we will make sure your question is answered promptly.

What is an MRSE?

An MRSE is a Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert. This certification route is intended for personnel who are in an expert, technical consulting role and who might be able to assist in technical and potentially difficult questions for an MRSO to answer. Tis certification route tends to be for MRI medical physicists as the course work has a much more heavier emphasis in the physics of MRIs.

What is the MRSE exam pass rate

There is not a set passing rate for the exam. The exam is based on 100 multiple choice and True/False questions. The questions are provided by an ABMRS question bank. The level of difficulty of the exam will result in the passing rate for the actual exam you are taking. Therefore, the passing rate varies from person to person.

Will I receive an MRSE certification through the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS) if I pass this course?

This course is intended to prepare the student for the MRSE exam with the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS). The ABMRS issues the exams throughout the country and administers it via a scantron exam. The ABMRS does not provide training or education to take the exam (we do). The exam is 100 questions, and you must complete it within 3 hours.

Will I be able to take an MRSE practice Exam?

This is the course to prepare the student to take the exam. Practice exams are also available on our website if you wish to practice taking the exam. They are a mockup of similar questions you would expect to take on the real exam with the ABMRS.

Is this course an MRSE prep course?

Yes. This course will educate and prepare you to take the real exam administered by ABMRS.

What are the safety precautions with MRIs?

You must be aware of not only the magnetic fields, but also the electric fields, and helium quelching of the systems. Aside from this, the overall design of the MRI suites must be situated to ensure that their neighboring magnetic fields to not interfere with each other. This can cause severe damage to equipment and personnel. Understanding how these pieces of equipment operation is essential to administering their safety. Thus, the MRSO, MRSE, and MRMD certification programs have been established.

What is the primary purpose of the ABMRS board MRSE exam?

It is the ABMRS’s mission to ensure that our MRIs are operated safely and to prevent injury to medical personnel, patients, or property. This organization is structured entirely autonomous and is not affiliated with any credentialling boards or bodies. As such, certifying MRSEs aid in the overall safety mission of education and awareness of MRI safety in the workforce.

Is there an MRSE study guide?

This course will provide you a complete study guide and outline for you to use and prepare for your exam. You can download it and take it with you once you sign up for the course.

What type of metal is MRI safe?

Any metal that does not have a magnetic pull would be deemed as safe around an MRI. The biggest issue with metals and MRIs is if they have a magnetic charge. So if you have 100% pure titanium, gold, and sterling silver they metals will be deemed safe within the MRI zones. Please note that most medical facilities will still not allow any metals within the MRI zones for safety precautions.

What are the four MRI safety zones?

Zone 1 is the general public area outside of the MRI environment. This could be anyone within the hospital, but not necessarily within the MRI suite of lobby.

Zone 2 is the area that tends to be between the general public area outside of the MRI suite and the control room. This areas is usually the waiting area or lobby within the MRI suite.

Zone 3 is when you begin to cross over to restricted areas. In this area, we re more likely inside of the control room that is operating the MRI. We are in between the MRI suite lobby and the MRI room.

Zone 4 is the magnet room and the highest zone within the MRI zones. The MRI scan room door is closed and locked and usually only the patient and an authorized MRI personnel is in the room monitoring the scanning operation.

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For me, it was a review of the information, and a few gray areas were cleared up.

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Well written and concise

Put together nicely in a very short and concise manner.

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Good Topic for any SSHO

Good course, great info! Easy to follow along and very basic. I would have like to see more detail about the root cause analysis investigation, I think that would be helpful information for junior SSHO's.

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