FREE OSHA 30-Hour Certification (Construction)

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This course is for the SSHOs, Project Managers, Superintendents, and project workers on Government Construction projects.



This FREE OSHA 30-hour in construction course covers safety regulations as specified in OSHA Safety & Health Regulations for Construction – Standard 1926. It is mandatory for any management personnel on federal construction projects to possess an OSHA 30 certification in order to physically set foot on their projects. Many commercial and residential construction companies require this training as well. This certification course will educate you in the most important safety aspects within the 1926 manual. We pulled together a substantial amount of real-world data from near-misses, injuries, and deaths that occurred on construction sites. We used this data to develop a needs-analysis of the topics that need more education due to the higher risk associated with them. This allows you, the learner, to get the best education available given the current trends of the industry!

In this OSHA 30-hour certification course in construction, you will learn:

  • MODULE 1: Introduction to OSHA
  • MODULE 2: General Safety and Health Provisions
  • MODULE 3: Occupational Health and Environmental Controls
  • MODULE 4: Hazard Communication
  • MODULE 5: Lead and Asbestos in Construction
  • MODULE 6: Personal Protective and Life-Saving Equipment
  • MODULE 7: Signs, Signals, and Barricades
  • MODULE 8: Hand and Power Tools
  • MODULE 9: Welding, Cutting, and Braising
  • Module 10-A Focus Four: Fall Protection and Prevention
  • Module 10-B Focus Four: Electrocution Hazards
  • Module 10-C Focus Four: Caught In or Caught Between
  • Module 10-D Focus Four: Struck-By Hazards
  • Module 11: Steel Erection
  • Module 12: Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Module 13: Confined Spaces in Construction
  • Module 14: Hoisting, Rigging, and Load Handling Equipment
  • Module 15: Walking and Working Surfaces
  • Module 16: Scaffolds, Lifts, and Ladders
  • Module 17: Trenching and Excavations.

Students will benefit from taking this course because:

  • This course will cover all subparts within OSHA Safety & Health Regulations for Construction – Standard 1926,
  • This OSHA 30-hr Construction Course is FREE!
  • An official and verifiable TITAN University certification can be downloaded immediately after a passing score of 70% or higher.
  • You can take the course at your own pace, taking breaks when you need to.
  • Have a question, just ask us on the Contact Us page and we will answer your question promptly.

What is an OSHA 30 construction certification?

It is proof that you have received 30 hours of formal education in OSHA Safety & Health Regulations for construction.

What is the average salary for a Site Safety & Health Officer?

Salaries vary depending on state. The federal average annual pay for a Site Safety & Health Officer is around $78,425. Visit us at if you are interested in applying for a position. Our salaries are competitive, and we have a great benefits package!

Will I receive a Department of Labor OSHA 30 card?

Upon completion of this course with 70% or higher, we will provide you with a certificate of completion. The Department of Labor (DoL) will not issue you a OSHA 30-hr card for taking this course; however, most construction projects do not require the DoL OSHA 30-hr card. Our certification course covers all subparts within the 1926 manual. Thus, you will receive the necessary training to understand the OSHA 1926 safety standards and best of all THE COURSE IS 100% FREE!

Is there a test for OSHA 30?

Yes, there will be an exam after each module. You must pass with a 70% or greater to pass the module. All modules must be passed before we can issue your certification.

How long is the OSHA 30 certification valid?

There is no expiration on the OSHA 30-hr certification. However, it is advised that you should take continued education annually to stay current with industry changes and trends. Also note that some construction projects may put their own expiration on OSHA 30-hr cards to ensure that the construction personnel are properly educated with the advancements in the industry.

Which is better: OSHA 10 or OSHA 30?

In the commercial construction industry, OSHA 30 has now become the standard for safety education. Back in the early 2000s, OSHA 10 used to be the standard. There is no course that is better than the other. However, the OSHA 30 course is more sought after by employers.

Is there an OSHA 50?

No there is no certification for this. However sometimes people tend to think HAZWOPPER 40-hr and EM 385-1-1 40-hr are OSHA 40-hr. This is also not correct.

Which course is best for a safety officer?

To start, all safety officers should have an OSHA 30-hr certification and First Aid / CPR. Depending on the industry in which you work, additional certifications may be needed. If you are in the health care industry, perhaps an MRSO and/or MRSE certification would be best. If you work on high-rise buildings, perhaps Fall Protection is your best bet.

What is the cheapest safety course I can take?

We provide the cheapest OSHA 30-hr course out on the market because IT IS FREE! All certifications are valid and verifiable on our platform.

What is the difference between OSHA 500 and OSHA 510?

OSHA 500 is the Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards in the Construction Industry and OSHA 510 is the Occupational Safety and Health Standards in the Construction Industry. You cannot take the OSHA 500 course until you have passed OSHA 510.

How do I get OSHA 500 certified?

OSHA 500 is the Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry. When you pass OSHA 500, you will be authorized to teach OSHA 10-hr and OSHA 30-hr to individuals and groups. In order to take the course, the student must:

Have completed OSHA 510

Have five (5) years’ experience in the construction industry.

Possess a degree in occupational safety & health, Certified Safety Professional (CSP), or Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), or possess an additional two (2) years of related work experience in construction safety.

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Posted 9 months ago

For me, it was a review of the information, and a few gray areas were cleared up.

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Posted 2 years ago
Well written and concise

Put together nicely in a very short and concise manner.

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Posted 2 years ago
Good Topic for any SSHO

Good course, great info! Easy to follow along and very basic. I would have like to see more detail about the root cause analysis investigation, I think that would be helpful information for junior SSHO's.

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