Florida General Contractor Continued Education


This continued education course package is designed for any certified and/or registered general contractor licensed in the state of Florida. We are licensed Continued Education providers issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) in the state of Florida. Pass the courses provided, and we will provide your certifications to the DBPR to satisfy your continued education requirements.


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In the state of Florida, all general contractors are required take and pass 14 hours of continued education every two years to maintain an active general contractor’s license. If the continued education is not obtained in the two-year timeframe, the licensee could run the risk of losing their license.

At the end of these courses, you will have satisfied your continued education requirement and maintain your license as a general contractor.

  • Advanced Building Code
  • Business Practices (BSP)
  • Financial Management (GEN)
  • Laws and Rules (L&R)
  • Wind Mitigation Methodologies (WMM)
  • Workplace Safety (WPS)
  • Workers Compensation (WC)

On top of receiving your certifications in successfully completing the courses, you will also gain knowledge and understanding of the advancements and updates in the Florida construction arena.

Student will benefit from taking this course because:

  • These continued education courses satisfy the state of FL requirements for GC continued education.
  • You will receive a certificate after successfully completing the courses.
  • You will gain a more in depth understanding of the advancements in the construction industry
  • Take breaks when you need to a pick back where you left of when ready
  • Course has been prepared by an active and certified general contractor.
  • Have a question, just ask us anytime by visiting us on the Contact Us page.

Is Titan University an approved general contractor continued education provider for Florida.

Yes! We are a DBPR continued education provider. License# PVD1541.

What are the Florida contractor continued education requirements?

Florida GCs must take and pass 14 hours of DBPR-approved continued education courses every two year to maintain licensure. Courses must be approved by DBPR and the course provider must be approved and licensed to provide these CE courses.

How many total hours of continued education CE does Florida require?

14 hours of DBPR approved continued education courses must be taken by Florida general contractors.

How often must you complete continued education CE for contractors in Florida?

Florida GCs must take continued education every 2 years.

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Posted 1 week ago

For me, it was a review of the information, and a few gray areas were cleared up.

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Posted 1 year ago
Well written and concise

Put together nicely in a very short and concise manner.

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Posted 1 year ago
Good Topic for any SSHO

Good course, great info! Easy to follow along and very basic. I would have like to see more detail about the root cause analysis investigation, I think that would be helpful information for junior SSHO's.

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