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Eastern Indigo Snake Observer


The Eastern Indigo Qualified Snake Observer course complies with the US Army Corps of Engineers most recent regulations. You will learn the Environmental requirements for being a Qualified Observer of the Eastern Indigo snake. Because of habitat loss, the eastern indigo snake is listed as a federally threatened species in Georgia and Florida. The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has listed the species as possibly extirpated within the state.

Manatee Observer Course


The Western Manatee Observer course complies with current regulations and  Environmental requirements for being a Qualified Manatee Observer. The West Indian manatee is one of the most endangered marine mammals in coastal waters of the United States. This group includes a separate subspecies called the Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) that appears to be divided into at least two somewhat isolated subpopulations-one along the Atlantic coast and the other on the Florida Gulf of Mexico coast.

Turbidity Monitoring Online Course


Along with the Course Handouts and Project Specifications, this 8-Hour Course will prepare you for working on Dredging and other marine operations. Plus, it will give the employer and Government an extra layer of confidence in having someone with knowledge in Turbidity Monitoring working with them.