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Module 10: Safety Sign Requirements Copy

June 17, 2021

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Safety sign finishes shall be of durable materials with colors in accordance with the USACE Signs Standards Manual, or ANSI Z535.1.


Safety signs shall be placed to alert and inform the viewer in sufficient time to take appropriate evasive actions to avoid potential harm from the hazard. They shall be legible, non-distracting, and not hazardous in themselves. They shall be fabricated with retro- reflective sheeting as appropriate for adequate visibility under normal and emergency operating conditions.


Each container of hazardous material shall be labeled, tagged, or marked with the identity of the material(s), appropriate hazard warnings, potential health effects and the name and address of the manufacturer, importer, or other responsible party.

Signs, placards, process sheets, batch tickets, operating procedures, or other written means may be used in lieu of affixing labels to stationary process containers if the alternative method identifies the containers to which it is applicable and conveys the information required above. The written information shall be readily available to employees in their work area throughout each work shift.

Portable containers into which hazardous material(s) are transferred from labeled containers and which are intended only for the immediate use by the employee who performs the transfer are not required to be labeled. However, there shall be a means of indicating that the hazardous material has been used in the container.

Signs, tags and labels shall be located as close as safely possible to their respective hazards. Tags will be affixed by a positive means (such as wire, string, or adhesive) that prevents their loss or unintentional removal.

Signs, tags, and labels shall be legible and in English.

Sign Design and Location

Signs shall be furnished with rounded or blunt corners and shall be free from sharp edges, burrs, splinters, or other sharp projections. The ends or heads of bolts or other fastening devices shall be located so that they are not a hazard.

  • Construction areas shall be posted with legible traffic signs at points of hazard in accordance with the MUTCD.
  • Signs required to be seen at night shall be reflectorized.

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