Our History “To provide the most innovativeinteractive, and informative learning environment to today’s workforce”

In 2019, TITAN University was conceived by TITAN Consultants, an Orlando FL Construction Management company. As construction managers, TITAN Consultants employees had to take many courses to keep up with the advancing construction industry trends. Many of the courses they had to take were on demand online courses. We found that the courses provided little educational value. Rather, the courses all seemed to be more concerned about compliance (receiving a certificate) than education. What changed?

We discovered that people did not want to interrupt their busy schedule to receive additional education in their field. Additionally, employers did not provide any additional incentives or encouragement for their employees to receive the additional education. This created the online on demand course era. The courses were convenient but were convoluted and boring for anyone to truly pay attention to. A typical Online Outreach OSHA 30-hr course is more about watching the timer run down from 30 hrs to 0 hours remaining. In the end, you got your DoL card, but you didn’t really gain any additional knowledge.

At TITAN University, we hope to change that, by providing an informative and interactive learning environment to our professional community, saving lives and money.