Sea Turtle Monitor for Construction

· July 14, 2021

Sea Turtle Monitor Course Description

The Sea Turtle Monitor for Construction course is one of the TITAN University Environmental Series of courses. Often overlooked, there are many employment opportunities for Sea Turtle Monitors on government construction projects that happen to be on the coasts throughout the United States and abroad.

For those who love the outdoors (especially the beach!), like to travel, and are considering venturing off to a new career, consider becoming a Sea Turtle Monitor for government construction projects. The pay is exceptional and you’d be taking your own personal step in helping the environment.

Why Titan University is the Trainer of Choice for all Government Construction Contractors

  • TITAN University is the only platform of its kind that focuses solely on Government Construction requirements.
  • TITAN not only develops and teaches online Safety, Quality Control, and Environmental Courses. We physically participate on government construction sites all across America every day providing Safety, Quality Control and Environmental expertise to some of the biggest names in the Government Construction industry.
  • Official Titan University Certificates can be downloaded immediately after a passing grade of 70% or higher.
  • Short quizzes between sections help you remember important information during the course test
  • Take breaks if you need to, the course and tests will wait for you.
  • Verifiable Certificates for your employer and/or the Government

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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 5 Quizzes

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Posted 2 weeks ago
How important they are.

I really like this course so much that i will be recommend to all my friends and i will be talking about this course with a lot of people. Because is so important for everybody to know specially were we leave in PR it's all coast all around.

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Posted 3 years ago
Learned more than expected

I didn't realize the importance and different types of turtles out there. Really expanded my thoughts on the importance of this species.

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