About Titan University

The Team

We are a uniquely specialized pool of individuals skilled in providing top quality construction management education and technology to the public. We are different and more resourceful than the traditional online educational providers. We are the cutting edge of the industry, providing a state-of-the-art social media platform, real-life educational content, and rewards. We are active construction managers currently on real construction projects. Other educational providers have never even set foot on a jobsite, let alone know how to teach certain aspects of the industry.



Patrick Gant, P.E. CCM – Administrator

As a licensed general contractor, professional engineer, and certified construction manager, Patrick leverages his 20+ years’ experience in the construction industry to target the needs analysis of the construction and general industry to provide revolutionary educational content to the public. Patrick’s contributions have enabled us to developed new and innovative courses focusing on general contracting, quality control, and environmental compliance.


Tonya Riddlesworth, Ph. D – Coursework Development Manager

Dr. Riddlesworth’ s contributions to the company have been invaluable. With her experience as a professor and Tennessee Tech University (Cookeville, TN) and assistant professor at University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL), she has enabled us to develop high quality educational content. By analyzing the Needs Analysis of the industry and leveraging her experience and education, Tonya directs our coursework development team to develop the most effective educational content delivery methods to the learners based on the subject matter.


Sandra Watts – IT Manager

Sandra’s tireless efforts in preparing coursework content is second to none. She loves what she does and puts care into every word she puts into our coursework. She believes in our vision – To provide the most innovativeinteractive, and informative learning environment to today’s workforce. Sandra handles most of the website backend, along with uploading the coursework and content to the website. Her contributions have allowed for us to have a beautiful, interactive, and effective website.


Tyler Smith, PMP – Content Development – Quality & PM Department

A great Project Manager for Titan Consultants! Tyler puts 110% in every day to his craft. Tyler is always a team player and always can count on his help, Tyler’s contributions have put Titan Consultants and University on the map. He puts together the coursework development plans as they are prepared during the studies, research, and needs analysis development. Tyler coordinates with the management team and field construction managers in preparing the content requested from management through our research and the real-life data in the field from our construction managers.

Justin Vann – Content Development – Safety & Environmental Department

As the first employee for Titan Consultants, Justin has been an integral part in not only our overall development, but also a key figure in helping us develop our corporate policies. He is the reason Titan Consultants and Titan University are as successful as they are! Without Justin, we do not believe we would have excelled as much in this industry. Justin is responsible to for the safety policies in Titan Consultants and overall occupational safety coursework development in Titan University. Justin is a certified OSHA trainer, Fall Protection Competent Person Trainer, & First Aid / CPR trainer. Count on Justin if you ever need a resource as it pertains to safety and environmental regulations.


Samuel Gant – Construction Manager

Sam was our first construction manager on staff when we became certified as construction managers. His efforts have allowed us to open the CM department wide open. With his tireless efforts, his has managed dozens of projects in the construction manager capacity. This transition to the CM industry had enabled us to develop our Needs Analysis for the holes and lack of education in the industry, paving the way for Titan University. Sam is responsible for needs analysis and compiling data in the CM industry, with a focus on CM at Risk and CM Agency.


Tyler Gant – Marketing Director

Innovative and resourceful, Tyler is the best if the best when it comes to marketing and advertisements. He has managed to put together beautiful advertisements and has been an integral part on the website look and social media platforms. Tyler is always finding ways to optimize our performance and making our effects as seamless and efficient as possible. His contributions have paved the way to developing a beautiful website, integrated social media platform, and phone application. This has allowed us to step away light years ahead of the competition with innovation and technology.

Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

We are proud to be part of a small pool of educational providers that are a SDVOSB. To encourage more companies to apply as veteran owned small businesses to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, we will be more than happy to provide our experiences to potential new applicants to the VOSB and SDVOSB program. Being a part of the program is extremely advantageous to businesses who wish to contract with the federal government and Veteran’s Affairs on future work, whether construction-related or unrelated. From our experiences during the application process, we will be happy to share:

  • What is the veteran owned and service-disabled veteran owned small business program?
  • What is CVE certification and how do you get certified?
  • What are the benefits of being a VOSB and/or SDVOSB company?
  • How to get SDVOSB and VOSB certification.
  • What is the SDVOSB and VOSB application process?
  • Are there any veteran owned business set aside projects or grants?
  • How to lookup SDVOSB and VOSB companies

Uniquely Qualified In Government Construction

TITAN University is a division of Titan Consultants and Engineers, LLC, a construction management company that specializes in Commercial and Government construction projects. We’ve utilized our expertise in Construction, Safety, Environmental Compliance, and Contract Quality Control to create an easy to use online training and certification platform. Our educational programs are designed specifically to keep you in compliance with the educational and experience requirements of your Prime contract with the federal government.

And, we haven’t stopped there. We’ve expanded our reach into the General Industry as well. With new course curriculum designed to keep you up to date with the ever-changing and evolving construction industry in the federal government arena and General Industry.

Our Mission For You, The Student

Our mission at Titan University is in providing the most relevant courses and materials necessary for Construction Managers to not only qualify to work on government construction projects, but to excel as leaders in the Construction Management industry.

We offer our courses with pride, authenticity, and originality, with the wishes that you gain and retain knowledge in your field and become the absolute best you can be.

If, while taking a course, or participating in a forum discussion, you have input you feel Titan University should address, please contact us either by phone or our online form. We are happy to assist you and look forward to your suggestions.

Why Choose TITAN University as Your Government Construction Learning Source?

TITAN not only develops and teaches online Safety, Quality Control, and Environmental Courses. We are on construction sites all across America every day providing Safety, Quality Control and Environmental expertise to some of the biggest names in the Government Construction industry.

  • Official Titan University Certificates can be downloaded upon course completion.
  • Short quizzes between sections help you remember important information for the Final Exam.
  • Take breaks if needed.
  • Verifiable Certificates for your employer or the Government
  • Utilize the friendly forum to ask questions, there’s always someone around to help.
  • Having a problem while taking a course? Call us! We’re happy to help.
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